BazQux Reader

Pri­vacy pol­icy

We take your pri­vacy se­ri­ously at BazQux Reader and we pro­tect your per­sonal in­for­ma­tion.

Any per­sonal in­for­ma­tion re­ceived will only be used to fill your or­der. We will not sell or re­dis­trib­ute your in­for­ma­tion to any­one. In fact we do not even keep or­der in­for­ma­tion on our servers, only your or­der ID.

The only in­for­ma­tion we know about you is your email ad­dress (in­clud­ing when you log in with Face­book or Google), your sub­scrip­tions, fil­ters and smart streams list, list of starred and tagged ar­ti­cles and ser­vice us­age sta­tis­tics.

To un­der­stand how ser­vice is used and to im­prove it we col­lect us­age sta­tis­tics with­out per­sonal de­tails (e.g., which share/save ser­vice was used but not for which post, click on “Mark all as read”, cre­ation of fil­ters, chang­ing view modes but with­out de­tails what feeds or fil­ters was changed, just the fact that but­tons were clicked).

To keep you au­tho­rized we keep au­tho­riza­tion (ses­sion) cookie.

For de­bug pur­poses we keep web­server logs which con­tain your IP ad­dress for a week. After that all logs are per­ma­nently re­moved.

Our main servers are lo­cated in Ger­many (Het­zner). There are few servers in USA (Lin­ode) used as proxy (for sites that re­quire GDPR con­sent even for feeds, sites that re­turn Ger­man ver­sions even if we ask­ing for Eng­lish ones and for sites that block ac­cess from Het­zner servers) and for back­ups.

We don’t use any ex­ter­nal an­a­lyt­ics ser­vice like Google An­a­lyt­ics and try­ing to fur­ther re­duce track­ing by us­ing im­age proxy and load­ing videos only when you play them. Ex­ter­nal ser­vices like YouTube, Face­book, SoundCloud, etc. which host videos or other <iframe>-con­tent may track you. Please, re­fer to cor­re­spond­ing ser­vice’s pri­vacy pol­icy.

Ex­ter­nal APIs used:

Data ex­port: go to “Set­tings”“Ac­count”“Ex­port OPML” to ex­port your feeds in OPML-for­mat.

Data dele­tion: go to “Set­tings”“Ac­count”“Delete ac­count” to delete your data from the ser­vice.