BazQux Reader


How to import my feeds?
Read our knowledge base article.
Are there any mobile apps?

BazQux Reader has wonderful, best in class mobile web interface. If you still prefer app (or want offline access) try Reeder, Feeddler, Fiery Feeds, Lire or Web Subscriber on iOS, FeedMe, Gravity and NewsJet on Android. BazQux Reader can be used as a Fever server in Unread on iOS, Readably on Android and ReadKit on macOS.

Tell developers of your favorite mobile app to support BazQux Reader! Its API is a copy of both Google Reader API and Fever API so it’s very simple to integrate it.

How do I log in from 3rd party client app?
Go to Settings (icon in the top right corner) ⇒ Mobile login, and set your login & password.
How do I open original article when there is no subject?
Click on the article time.
How do I turn off smooth scrolling?
Settings (icon in the top right corner) ⇒ Transitions ⇒ Immediate.
How to unsubscribe from feed?
Select feed and choose Unsubscribe in the drop-down menu above the messages lists or use right-click menu.
How do I assign a feed to folder?
Select the feed and choose Folders ⇒ Add in the drop-down menu above the messages lists. Or use right-click menu or drag and drop.
How long do you keep articles unread?
Unread articles are kept forever. Although there is a limit of 500 total (both read and unread) articles per feed.
How often feeds are updated?
Refresh rate depends on the time of the last article in feed: few hours ago—each 15-45 minutes, less than a week—each 1-2 hours, less than a month—each 2-3 hours and 3+ hours for others. Feeds that support PubSubHubbub are updated in realtime.
Mobile app suddenly stopped working. What happened?
Perhaps your year subscription has expired. Sign into web site to check.
Is it possible to sign in without Google/FB/Twitter?
Yes. If you had set up a Mobile login you could login with your apps username & password.
I’ve signed in and see no feeds. How to restore them?
Perhaps you’ve signed into wrong account (check the who am I page). Try another provider (Twitter/FB/Google) or login with mobile app credentials if you’ve set them up.
How to remove replies and retweets from Twitter feed?
Subscribe to<account>?exclude_replies&exclude_retweets
Do you support password protected feeds?
Yes, feeds with HTTP basic access authentication are supported.
How many feeds I can subscribe to?
You can subscribe or import up to 3000 feeds.
Is there a place to vote about new features?
Yes. Visit our UserVoice.
Who are behind the BazQux Reader?
BazQux Reader is a one man project.
Will you add free accounts?
No. I need the money to guarantee a continued service. I don’t want to close down like the free readers from Google/AOL/Digg done.
Is there an URL to add subscription?
Yes, use in the RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome, or use SubToMe. Or drag the Subscribe bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar.
Can I export my feeds?
Yes, you can both upload and download OPML to add or backup your feeds.
What does “BazQux” mean?
Just nothing.
How do you pronounce “Qux”?
Something like “cooks”. Although hackers often pronounce “qux” as “kwucks”. Didn’t know that when I picked the name ;) Perhaps “quicks” is the best option.
Free trial length?
30 days.
You can pay $19 or $29 annually, or $149 for a lifetime subscription. Depending on your country taxation rules you may need to pay VAT/GST above the selected price.
What’s the difference between prices?
No difference. It’s a way to support developer more if you like the service.
How can I pay?
Credit card, PayPal or Amazon Payments through our authorized reseller You can look what payment methods are supported in your country here.
Are refunds possible?
Yes, we have a refund policy.
Is it possible to delete account?
Yes, at any time you can delete your account.
Can I post comments directly from Reader?
No. Posting is not implemented and is not planned in the near future.
Is BazQux Reader really written in Haskell and Ur/Web?
Yes. I love to use the best tools available.
I have another question!
Don’t hesitate to ask by email